Mini Honey Lavender Blueberry Galettes

These might be the cutest things I have ever baked, and they were damn good too. 

Blueberry Galette-1.jpg

I came to the realization that we are getting closer to the end of summer, and I had yet to do any sort of baking with summer produce. So I whipped up these little guys, and they were fab. 

Baking a pie can seem intimidating, but once you bake your first you won't be able to stop. What I love about galettes is the rustic vibe, and free forming the crust any way you like. Making a home made crust is so simple as well, it's all about the feel of the dough as you go about making it. 

So, if this is your first pie baking experience, you are about to be so proud of what you will pull out of the oven. This recipe is super simple, but the lavender and honey compliment the blueberries in an amazing way. You could make one big galette, or four to share and impress your friends with. Happy baking!

*Pie dough recipe taken from:  Joy has great step by step instructions and pictures too!

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