Pulled Jack Fruit Sweet Potato Nachos

It's been a minute since I have shared a recipe on this space, and I am so happy to be back at it. This one is a bit different from what I have previously shared, but it's one of those healthier recipes that tastes like it's a thousand calories. 

Have you ever tried jack fruit?? I was shocked at how good it is, and how well it soaks up the spices and flavors of anything that you cook it in. It does have that "meaty" texture, so it is the perfect substitute for meat in this recipe. 


The trick with the sweet potatoes is to definitely use a mandolin to slice them super thin. They won't be as sturdy as chips, so this is a fork required situation, but the sweetness of the potatoes pairs so well with the rest of the ingredients. 

I was skeptical about jack fruit at first, but I am a changed woman after trying it like this. I hope you try it out and love it as much as I do!

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