Roasted Sweet Potato with Curried Lentils and Turmeric Poached Egg

So it's been a minute since I have posted a recipe to this little space on the internet. I made this recipe a while back and never posted, sometimes life gets a little hectic and that's okay. I am going to try to get more on here though, creating recipes and photographing them is like therapy to me.  

The inspiration for this recipe came from this pretty poached egg idea from Bon Appetit, I mean look at it! It's so bright and turmeric is the new health craze right now. Curried lentils have been my go to comfort meal for a while now. They are simple to whip up, and I almost always have the ingredients in my cupboards. Even though this takes about an hour to make, I'd say it's an easy weeknight meal anyways. Most of the time is spent on the sweet potatoes roasting anyways. This is definitely a healthier version of comfort food for me too, so it's a win win. 

Those lentils may look like mush, but I swear they taste soooo good. Plus you can't go wrong with better for you comfort food. 

If you make this recipe please share on instagram with the #cozyeatsblog so I can see!

*Poached egg idea was taken from Bon Appetit