Curried Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Chickpeas

We are well into pumpkin season now (which is the best), so I thought this recipe is perfect for the chilly days we have coming. And I was so excited to use these ceramic pumpkin bowls finally, they have been waiting for almost a year to be used. 

The recipe is really simple, the only thing that takes a while is roasting the veggies. It also reheats really nicely, so it is perfect for meal prepping. I am currently sitting in bed at my mom's house with the bullydog snuggling me because I had wisdom teeth pulled this morning. Ugh. On the bright side, I have this amazing pumpkin soup at home waiting for when I am ready for warm food. I will just have to skip the chickpeas, boo. 

So for this soup all you need to do is roast the veggies until softened, throw them in a blender with veggie stock and blend until smooth. Then transfer to a pot with more spices and coconut milk. Yummm. I let mine simmer while the chickpeas roasted so the flavors had time to meld together. 

I paired my soup with a lovely Pinot Noir from Sweet Cheeks, it was perfect for this recipe. I'd definitely recommend having your favorite red wine with this. You need to treat yo self, right? So, wine not (ha). Okay, I'm done now.

I really couldn't stop taking pictures of this...the colors were so pretty, and the ceramic pumpkin dishes, the wine, the little white pumpkins, definitely the wine....oh. Anyways, just make the dang soup, and drink some wine, duh.

*Chickpea roasting method is from How Sweet Eats!

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