It's a boozy week here on Cozy Eats. Today I have some mimosa ideas since this Sunday is Mother's Day. So treat your momma (or yourself) to something a bit more special than the basic mimosa. 

I came up with three different infused juices to use, and these would be perfect to set up a mimosa bar. Or choose your favorite and make one batch. First we have a pineapple mint juice, then orange ginger, and lastly a grapefruit rosemary juice. I added strawberry slices to the pineapple mint, and it is so so good. Very pretty too. 

So pretty right??? The longer you let the juices infuse the stronger the flavors will be. So you can make these as strong or as mild as you want to. 

This is another collab with Sweet Cheeks Winery, I used their amazing Blanc de Noir for these mimosas. They are a great company filled with lovely people who make incredible wine. Grab a bottle of this for your mimosas if you can. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there! 

Thank you again Sweet Cheeks!

If you make these please #cozyeatsblog on Instagram so I can check it out!