Spicy Passion Fruit Mango Margaritas

It's the best holiday of the year! The one where you drink too many margaritas and stuff your face with tacos. Yaasss.

This is an easy cocktail to throw together at the end of the day. Which I love because most of the time I don't want to make a simple syrup, wait for it to cool, etc. This gets enough sweetness from the mango and passion fruit juice, and has an amazing spicy kick from the jalapenos.

All you have to do with this is muddle a couple slices of lime and however many slices of jalapeno in the bottom of the glass. Shake up the tequila, lime, mango and passion fruit juice. Then pour over ice, and voila! A fancy ass drink that took a couple minutes to make. You deserve it.

If you make this please #cozyeatsblog on Instagram so I can see!