Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl

How pretty is this smoothie bowl? 

I have been on the healthy train lately, so I have been drinking green smoothies almost every morning. So good. I decided to take my favorite smoothie combo and turn it into a smoothie bowl. It is so creamy from the addition of avocado and the frozen banana. Smoothie bowl heaven. 

While I was prepping everything to take these photos, Percy proceeded to steal one of the whole kiwis I was going to use. He brought it out to the patio and decided to biff it off the side of the balcony and onto the ground. He is always so helpful with everything I do. Later he launched himself onto the screen and hung there because he was stuck. What a brat, right?

I topped the bowl with TJ's roasted coconut chips and their super seed ancient grain blend, plus those pretty little kiwis. I am still shocked that I managed to cut those out so nicely. I think the best part about smoothie bowls is the toppings, so go crazy with them. Raspberries, chia seeds, shredded coconut and hemp seeds would be amazing as well. You do you. 

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