Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Cupcakes with Blood Orange Buttercream Frosting

Hi, I'm Megan and I am obsessed with blood oranges. Not sorry one bit. I also kind of love Valentine's day, so don't hate me for it. 

That pink frosting makes me happy. That pretty pink comes from the blood orange juice, no food coloring needed here. The cupcake batter comes together by hand in one bowl, which made these so easy to whip up. And that color would make these perfect for Valentine's day. 

I definitely love Valentine's day for things like this too, it's the best excuse to make cute cupcakes. I have always loved Valentine's day, which is so cliche but oh well. My mom still gives me Valentine's gifts, so maybe that's where I got it from. I like the simple cute gestures with your significant other, or even a friend. In high school my best friend and I always decorated each other's lockers and things like that. I'm pretty sure I wrote her a poem one year too, hahaaa. It's sweet little things that always tug at my heartstrings. I am such a cheeseball, ugh.  

Anyways...make the cupcakes and be cheesy like me this Valentine's day. 

*Cupcake recipe adapted from How Sweet Eats