Savory Pancetta, Cranberry, Apple Bread Pudding

I think some serious comfort food is necessary this week, and what is more comforting than cheesy bread pudding?

Crispy pancetta, leeks, apple, cranberry, soft brioche, a smidge of nutmeg, um yes. If you are looking for something new and exciting to bring to your Thanksgiving celebration, this is what you need. It may become a staple on your Thanksgiving table. Or life in general, you can never have too much bread pudding. 

This recipe is another collab with Sweet Cheeks Winery (these guys are fabulous by the way), and they wanted a dish that would pair with their Reserve Pinot Gris. So, if you are looking for a good wine to pair with this, try theirs or your fave Pinot Gris. Wine is always a must. 

savory bread pudding-9.jpg

This makes a great appetizer, side, or brunch item, and you can prep it ahead of time if you wish. Just refrigerate until you are ready to bake, it can easily sit overnight. Most of the time spent on this recipe is baking time, so it does come together pretty quickly and is simple to make. Perfect right? Pop open that bottle of wine while it bakes, you deserve it.