Greek Eggplant Spinach Dip

So, I guess there's a big football game coming up? The Super Bowl? I don't even know who is playing, I am definitely a soccer fan (see here,, and here. Ha.) But anytime I went to some one else's house to watch a game, I was all about da snacks. Especially dips. 

I actually had dip for dinner last Saturday, not sorry about that at all. This dip is a twist on the classic spinach dip. I added a can of Trader Joe's Grecian style eggplant with tomatoes and onions, I love the extra kick of flavor that it gives. This is also really easy to throw together, there's minimal prep work here. 

I always want to do "action shots", like me dipping the chip into the dip^^. And then I look back at the pictures and think "ew, why does my hand look so wrinkly???" So excuse the pale weird hand, and look at that chip dipping action instead. I also like doing those kind of photos because that chip went straight into my mouth. So good.