Life Lately: December

Obviously this month was all about the holidays and I spend a lot of the time trying to take a breather after finishing the term. Having about three weeks off was so nice, and I got straight A's. Woot woot. 

These guys kill me. 

Have you ever tried wrapping presents with cats? It's like an epic battle, they lay on the paper, attack the paper, rip holes in said paper, rip all of the bows off the presents...little monsters. It's a good thing they are cute.


I sort of apologize for the over abundance of cat pictures this month. But this is what I deal with when taking pictures. Percy has no idea what any of that is, but he wants it.

Also, I made these macaroons, peppermint meringues, and my Great Grandmother's recipe for butterscotch brownies. They are amazing, I am going to make a couple changes and share them with you soon. 


We spent New Year's Eve pigging out on Japanese food, and then spent the rest of the night in and played backgammon. I had been sick with the worst cold ever for the last week or so, and I didn't make it until midnight. It sounds lame, but it was exactly what I needed.