Fresh Cranberry and Ginger Scones

My love for scones is a little ridiculous.

cranberry scones-7

They are just too good. And these are so festive! I wanted to use fresh cranberries in these because they are in season, and are so good. It's a nice tart punch to the sweeter scones.

cranberry scones-1

I also used fresh ginger in these, I rubbed it into the sugar to infuse the flavor. And then sprinkled the ginger sugar on top of the scones too.

cranberry scones-2

I have quite a few recipes coming your way too. Since I am officially on school break (YASSS) I am going to bake my little heart out. Plus Christmas is coming up, and I am all about Christmas baking.

cranberry scones-4
cranberry scones-5

These would be perfect for Christmas morning, or right now, whatever floats your boat.

cranberry scones-6

So fluffy.