Gnocchi with Pumpkin Chicken Sauce

And sage too! I really had no idea what to call this recipe. Oh well.

This is basically Fall in a bowl, the pumpkin, the sage, ugh. It's a really good weeknight meal, it comes together in about 30 minutes. Perfect right?

Chicken thighs are seasoned with salt, pepper and a sprinkle of nutmeg. You could substitute for chicken breasts, but I have been loving thighs lately. They really retain their moisture, I just make sure to really trim the fat off.

Da sauce!  The pumpkin makes it super creamy, and it is indulgent but without all the butter and heavy cream. There is a bit of Parmesan in there, because cheese. I just want to dive into that, gah.

Also, it may seem like the recipe calls for a ton of salt. But it is necessary to make the pumpkin taste less bland. Just add some, taste it, and keep adding until it is to your liking.

Pumpkin-ey goodness right there.