Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

There is something about Indian food that just screams comfort to me.

Maybe it's the soft, pillowy naan? The carb on carb action? Either way, it is perfect for the cooler days that are coming now that it is officially Fall.

This recipe is so easy, and tastes amazing. I feel like slow cooker recipes are either blah or ridiculously good. This falls under the ridiculously good category for sure.

Since I made this on a Saturday, I had the time to sautée the onions, spices and tomato paste before throwing it into the crock pot. This is totally optional, but do it if you have the time. I do think it adds a little oomph to the chicken.

I served mine over basmati rice and naan, the naan is perfect for soaking up the extra sauce.

*Adapted from The Kitchn

A cozy bowl of goodness right there.