No-Knead Bacon Bread

Say hello to one of the easiest, yet amazing, breads I have ever baked. I'm making it again this weekend, it's that good.

It's the kind of crusty bread that is perfect for soup dunking, or simply covered in butter.

I've been in full blown autumn-mode lately, and I have absolutely no shame about it. I think I always get prematurely excited for fall because it's my favorite season. We had a ridiculously hot summer for us, and by mid-August I was done with the heat. I'm making something with pumpkin on Friday, but I will wait a couple weeks before sharing it with you guys.

But, back to this fabulous bread. If you have never baked bread before, don't be nervous about it! I'm not the most experienced bread baker, and this bread came out perfectly for me. It is so, so easy.

The dough has to rise for at least 12 hours, I started mine the night before and baked it the next morning. The dough will be sticky, which is perfect.

After rising, stir in the chopped bacon and chives. Then you let it rise again, plop into a hot dutch oven, cover and bake.

My apartment smelled like bacon bread heaven.

Can we just admire those chunks of crispy bacon? Ugh.

Recipe from My Name is Yeh