Grilled Pizza: Two Ways

I have been MIA lately, and I wish I could say it was because I was off doing spectacular and exciting things. Unfortunately it's due to an overwhelming amount of homework. Whomp whomp.

So today, I give you pizza. Grilled pizza! Yaaaaaasss.

We are on the last leg of summer. And if you haven't grilled pizza yet, here is your chance. It sounds difficult, but it is actually really easy.

The key is having everything prepped and ready before starting. And keep it simple! You don't want too many toppings or the cheese  won't melt fast enough.

I had one side of the grill on high, and the other on low. Let one side get nice grill marks, the side facing up will start to bubble, and flip.

Sauce is next!

Cheese and start the toppings.

Move the pizza to the cooler side if you need to, and put the lid down so the cheese melts faster.

Ta da! My first pizza was a little wonky, but still tasted great. On one pizza I used mozzarella, a bit of parm, prosciutto, and fresh cherry tomatoes. The other had mozzarella, parm, grilled corn, and zucchini ribbons.

Total summer pizza.

Pizza is always a good idea.