Burrata Stuffed Sun-dried Tomato Turkey Burgers

We are getting into the last stretch of summer now.

Is it bad that I am desperate for Fall weather??? I love the summer produce, but I am wanting rain and crisp sunny days. Granted we have had a few awful heat waves this summer, but it is so unlike me to not want warm weather!

Anyhoo. These burgers, oh my goodness. Anything stuffed with cheese has to be good right??? Especially burrata, it's so dreamy.

I didn't make a snazzy spread to go with these because, to be honest, I was hangry. Sometimes it is pure torture making something for dinner, and then photographing it. Gah. But as I was chowing down, I realized it didn't really need it. There is so much flavor in the burger itself that a light smear of mayo and some greens were perfect. Pesto would be great too, but I didn't have any on hand.

And you see that grilled corn, it has SRIRACHA BUTTER on it. Do it.

Yes, that is a Gryffindor  pint glass. HP for life.