Life Lately: June

I know it's so cliche, but where did this month go? Although I am a little happy that it has flown by, we leave for our trip to Vancouver, BC on Friday! And  USA beat Germany, so USA is going to the final!! Woot woot. We are going to stop at Wolf Haven International on our way up too. And I am so excited for it! Going to eat all the poutine.

We have been watching the cup games at Oakshire Brewing lately. It's so fun to watch the games there, and they have had a great cream ale on tap.

For Father's day I went to the coast with my family. It was grey and overcast, but it felt so nice to get out of the heat. The fresh, salty air always does me some good.

Since it gets light so early now.... at about 5 am this little brat and his brother decide to run around my apartment like complete psychos. Then they pass out right after I get up around 6:15. Look at him, sleeping on my pillow and everything. Cuteness overload.

Baby broccoli! So happy that I have managed to not kill all my plants. This is really a huge accomplishment since I have killed two succulent plants and a basil plant. Oops.

I love the idea of a summer bucket list. I might start making my own, even though summer is already here.