Thai Chicken and Mango Chopped Salad

So much color!

I love a good salad. But, it has to have a lot of textures and flavors throughout to be good in my book. Boring salads are no good!

Luckily, this one is not. The chicken is marinated in fish sauce, garlic and fresh ginger. And don't be freaked by the fish sauce! It gives the chicken amazing flavor, just don't smell it directly from the bottle like I did (yuck). If it's really not your thing, you can substitute soy sauce. While the chicken was marinating I chopped all my veggies and got the grill going.

I wanted the salad to be fairly easy to bring together, so the dressing is a mix of sweet Thai chili sauce and lime juice. Just whisk it together and pour on top.

And there you have it, a non-boring delicious salad.

I promise it doesn't taste as healthy as it really is.