Bacon Banana Scones with Peanut Butter Drizzle


Apparently when I don't know how to start out a post, I just start typing what the recipe is and add an obnoxious amount of vowels, plus an exclamation point. But hey, it seems to work every time.

Now about these scones...the banana is cooked down IN the bacon grease. Oh yes.

Here we have the butter mixed into the dry ingredients. Some chunks are big, some are small. This is perfect to create an amazing fluffy scone. No hockey puck scones here.

Wet ingredients and the bacon waiting to be added to the flour mixture.

All combined and ready to be kneaded and rolled out.

These little guys are topped with buttermilk, and baked!

And done! These scones have just a hint of banana, nothing too overwhelming. So using a pretty ripe banana for the recipe is best. The bacon adds the perfect salty and and smokey bite too.

Buttery layers for days.