Bacon and Asparagus Soup

It's so green!!!

This soup is indulgent. It's so creamy, and has a hint of smokiness thanks to the bacon and smoked paprika (my favorite). Asparagus is in season right now, so you must make this!

And here we go...

Glorious bacon. You know a soup recipe is going to be amazing if it starts like this.

The bacon is removed, and the onions, asparagus and garlic are cooked down in the bacon grease.

Add the stock, and let the veggies simmer.

As you can see, Percy is always helpful in the kitchen.

Side story: While I was blending the soup, there was one asparagus piece that refused to blend (fail), and so I just pulled it out and set it on the counter. Percy decides to get up on the counter, steal my piece of asparagus, and inhale it. Then he looks up at me like "so I can have more of that right?" He's a strange one for sure.

All blended, and stirring in the creme fraiche. So creaaaamy.

Top the soup off with a little more creme fraiche, crumbled bacon, a couple asparagus spears (one of mine sank, ha), and a dash of smoked paprika. You won't be sorry.

Barely adapted from Shutterbean