Lavender Sweet Rolls with White Chocolate Icing

Yup, I put flowers in your sweet rolls.

But don't worry, it's not as weird as you think!

Let's get started...milk, oil and sugar are heated up in the dutch oven. Let the mixture cool a bit, until it's warm to the touch. You want the right temperature for the yeast!

Toss the yeast in and let it hang out for minute. It's starting to work it's magic now.

Next, we dump in the flour and mix!

Mix until it just comes together, cover with a lid, and let rise in a nice warm space for about an hour.

Look at that! The rest of the dry ingredients are added, mixed again, and divided in half. This dough is soft and lovely, perfect for sweet rolls.

Rolling action.

The filling ingredients: butter, sugar, and dried lavender. Simple, sweet, and fragrant.

Spoon the melted butter onto the dough evenly, and sprinkle with sugar and lavender.

Baked until golden. These rolls make your house smell heavenly.

Now for the white chocolate glaze. It brings these rolls over the top, so good.

Adapted from Joy the Baker: