Life Lately

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous, rambly post about...kittehs! Yes that is plural, apparently I am a cat lady now (not even mad about it). Stinkers

Meet Remus and Percy! I adopted them on Valentine's Day from the Florence Humane Society. If you are in the area, and are looking to adopt I encourage you to go out there! They have over a hundred sweet kitties looking for homes, and have great adoption prices.


These boys are ridiculously cute. Remus is a manx, so he has a stubby little tail. We think his bum looks like a bunny's, and he even hops around like one! He also makes the cutest trills and squeaks when he is playing, especially with Percy. And Percy is the biggest stinker, he is into everything right now and is definitely the more outgoing one. He has to be in my business at all times, and all of my plants have little teeth marks on them because he loves to chew on them.


This is what happens when I try to do my homework now. They are both obsessed with being on the laptop. Clearly they are just trying to help, right?


Alright, I should probably shut up about cats now. Expect to see these handsome faces in future posts.